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Creative Routes to Employment   KEA’s Creative Routes to Employment programme was set up to assist and help young people in the borough who were  N.E.E.T (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and who faced barriers to finding employment.  The programme worked with 31 young people who took part in a range of structured activities to enhance their employability skills whilst also offering a personalised approach for them to move into further training or careers.  Read more  
Platform 51   YWCA’s Platform 51 project worked with Knowsley Enterprise Academy on our neetTV project to produce a short but effective and hard hitting film about the choices faced by teenagers when they leave school. Platform 51 is the operating name of the YWCA England and Wales.  It  is an organisation that works with girls and women offering activities and services to empower them and give them a platform to have their say on various issues. Read more        
Working with KEA     Knowsley Enterprise Academy’s latest project ‘neetTV’  was created to deliver a range of media based projects to tackle issues relating to youngsters who are NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) or who are at risk of becoming NEET.  The project motivates and equips young people with skills to enhance their employability prospects.   Read More    
KEA conference centre
Our conference and meeting venue offers all the latest meeting and digital conferencing facilities within a modern contemporary environment.

Rooms are available 24 hours and can seat up to 60 people and with smaller syndicate boardrooms available we have everything for your conference and meeting needs.

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Boosting business start ups
The Academy’s aim is to create a culture of enterprise and boost the business start up rate in Knowsley by providing the 11-25 age groups with opportunities to develop their own businesses for their chosen careers by recognising their unfulfilled potential and talent.

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Welcome Knowsley Enterprise Academy

Knowsley Enterprise Academy (KEA) is the first purpose built Youth Enterprise Academy in the UK.  It was established in 2003 by Knowsley Development Trust and was formerly opened in 2005 by HRH Duke of Kent.

The aim of the Academy is to create a culture of enterprise throughout Knowsley by working with 11 – 25 year olds and local businesses in the borough.

Young people who attend the Academy can engage in a range of fun, exciting Enterprise programmes and activities to build up their teamworking, communication, problem solving and employability skills.  Some of the programmes that have been run by the Academy are:

  • neetTV Laughing Matters Project
  • neetTV UnScene Project
  • Creative Routes to Employment Programme
  • Work Based Learning Enterprise Programmes
  • Diploma Enterprise Programmes
  • ICT Enterprise Programmes
  • Teamwork and Communication Enterprise Programmes

Hopefully, in a few years’ time the Academy will see some of its past students running their own businesses or organizations and they will be able to take new students there for visits.



At Knowsley Enterprise Academy, we believe that it is important to get feedback from those involved in the courses we are delivering. This includes the students, teaching staff and parents/guardians of the young people that attend.

We evaluate every course and invite parents, students and teachers to give their feedback and suggestions they may have for future courses.

“Our son’s progress has been very good and he has a lot more confidence in himself.”

“He used to come home and go to his room, he now comes home and gabs the leg off us about all the things that he has done at the Academy.”

Parent feedback